Changing the way people think about PTSD (Brain Storm Issue IV)

This month’s issue of Brain Storm centred around the theme of community, both the good and bad parts of the wider communities involvement in mental health. I wrote about the stigma surrounding PTSD, and why we need to work to get rid of it. The issue is full of beautiful and heartfelt stories and poetry and art by some incredible writers and creators, and Brain Storm is a project I’m truly proud to be a part of. You can read my piece (pages 8 and 9) and the rest of the issue here, and check out some of the previous issues if you enjoy it (as well as my previous work for the magazine).

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The things nobody told me about recovery (Brain Storm Issue III)

The third issue of Brain Storm came out at the beginning of this month, with the theme ‘on the road to recovery’. I chose to write about the things nobody told me about recovery, to give an insight into the ups and downs of recovering from a mental illness. I wanted to show people who’ve never had an experience with mental illness how much work goes into getting through it, and potentially help people struggling with their own demons be better prepared for their own recovery. You can read my piece here, but the rest of the issue is packed full of phenomenal work by incredible writers and artists, and brilliantly put together by Hana, so if you like my piece please check out the rest of the issue here.

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Brain Storm Issue II: On turning points and self-realisations

These are some poems I wrote that were published in the latest issue of Brain Storm Magazine, an independent mental health e-magazine based in Toronto, founded and edited by Hana Wilson, a good friend of mine whose journey inspires me in my own.

The poems are focused around the topic of learning to love and trust somebody again after going through a shitty time with a previous partner, and letting yourself feel everything you were scared of. They are about healing, and recovering, and patching yourself up with the help of somebody that you love.

My poems can be found here on pages 17 and 29, but please do take the time to read through the rest of the issue, and take a look at the previous issue if you like the look of it. Hana is starting up something really amazing with Brain Storm and I’d love nothing more than to see the project get the love it deserves.